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Latest update: 24th August 2018

New Fee Structure from September 2018

From 1st September 2018, YHA Bushwalking will be changing its fee structure.

► The Trip Card is being replaced by a $35 YHA Bushwalking Victoria club ("Club") membership card, which will still entitles you to walk fee-free for the year along with other benefits.
► There is no longer a discount for YHA membership.
► If you are not a regular walker, or are new to YHA Bushwalking and want to try a few events with us first, you will still be able to join any walk by paying a fee of $7/day walk or $10 weekend/extended trips.

New Fee Structure Old Fee Structure
YHA Bushwalking
Club Member
YHA member Non YHA member
Day Walks free$7$3$7
Weekend Walks free$10$5$10
Extended Walks free$10$8$12
Annual Card $35
Club Member
Trip Card
Trip Card
YHA Annual Membership $25
Total Cost $35$40$60

Why are we changing the fee structure?
YHA has recently changed its membership program and fee structure and it is no longer possible to use our fee structure to incentivise bushwalkers to become YHA members. So we have decided to simplify the structure for both walkers (easier to know what to pay) and leaders (easier to collect).
We have also decided that we should establish a member program that has more benefits than the old Trip Cards and fosters a better sense of community amongst our bushwalkers.

What if I am an existing Trip Card holder?
If you are an existing trip card holder you will automatically become a Club member from 1 September. The new fees will apply to you when your trip card expires.

What benefits will I receive as a Club member? As a Club member you will be entitled to:
▸ free walks (costs such as accommodation, camping fees, transport are still payable)
▸ receive the quarterly Walks Program a week before its general release.
▸ (after the new website is launched later in 2018) have the opportunity to book on walks at least a week ahead of non-members.
▸ small discounts on social functions.
▸ an annual member only function.
▸ vote at general meetings of YHA Bushwalking Victoria.
▸ discounts at some outdoor equipment retailers.

An annual member fee of $35 is good value, you only need to walk 5 times in a year to recoup the cost. As with the Trip Card program, those who lead for three or more days or drivers who receive 5 or more car-pooling vouchers within a calendar year will continue to be entitled to free Club membership.

How do I get a Club member card? From 1st September, the Bushwalking With Us page will contain a Membership Request form along with more information about our fees.

Additional meeting points for Sunday walks

Alternative meeting points to Flagstaff station forecourt will be trialled on some Sunday walks during the Winter and Spring 2018 programs. This is in response to occasional difficulties in getting enough car drivers at the regular CBD meeting point.  The new meeting places will be at major train stations in the direction of the start point of the walk, making it convenient for the majority of walkers to meet there. Leaders will be discouraging anyone from driving directly to the walk location unless they really do live closer to it than the new meeting point. Car-pooling will be arranged - there is plenty of car-parking at the stations, so even if you do have a car, you are encouraged to either give others a lift or leave your vehicle behind and travel up with someone else in groups of 4-5. Please take note of the new petrol-sharing policy below.

Meeting times will still be the standard 8.45am for a 9.00am departure unless otherwise advised. This will enable and earlier start (and hence earlier finish!) on these walks, addressing complaints about getting back too late.

The new locations are described below, and are also referred to against the respective Sunday walk on the Walks Program.

1) Ringwood station - in front of the RSL on Station St. (for walks east of Melbourne - first usage will be Marysville, 8th July)

2) Upper Ferntree Gully station - outside the Visitor Information Centre (for walks in the Dandenongs, first use will be Olinda, 15th July).

3) Sunbury station (for walks north of Melbourne, eg Mt Macedon)

4) Laverton station (for walks SW of Melbourne, eg Brisbane Ranges, You Yangs)

5) Frankston station (for walks on the Mornington Peninsula).

New Petrol-sharing Policy

To simplify calculating petrol usage the club has decided to adopt the Victorian Transport Accident Commission (TAC) rate per km,, currently 30c/km, plus tolls, shared by the number of people in the car.  This rate is based on methodology recommended by the  Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV) and calculates the "average" incremental running costs per km, including fuel and wear and tear (ie does not cover fixed annual costs such as insurance and registration the driver incurs regardless of whether they make this trip).  This will be reviewed on a yearly basis.  As per the previous policy,  some drivers may choose to charge less, but it should not be more.

For example:  Melbourne CBD to Mt Macedon is around 70km, making a round trip distance of 140km.  140km x $0.30 is $42. If a car contains a driver and 3 passengers in it (total 4 people), each person would contribute $10.50 to petrol costs (or round down to $10)

Car pooling is meant to be mutually beneficial and respectful for both drivers and passengers, After discussions with drivers and passengers, we are sharing the following pointers for happy car pooling:

  • Please bring enough cash to pay for walk fees (if applicable) and to reimburse your driver for petrol if you are a passenger.

  • Drivers are only required to drop passengers back in the CDB at Flagstaff Station (or another city location if none of the passengers have to pick up their car).  Drivers have no obligation to go out of their way to drop passengers elsewhere, unless it is ‘truly’ on their way home.

  • Do take your stuff with you, including any rubbish, and leave the car clean and tidy. Please bring a couple of plastic bags and change of clothes to deal  with muddy and wet boots and clothing.

  • Ask your driver if they are OK with you eating or drinking anything that isn’t water in their car. 

  • If needed, help your driver with navigation and keep them alert and awake.

If you have any concerns about driver or passenger behavior, please contact the Club President (Kris)


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