Walking Since 1939

Walking Grades

SOCIAL: Refers to non-bushwalking activities, urban/metro walks or walks that have a theme. Social also refers to a social event such as a dinner or BBQ.  Where walking is involved the normal Easy to Very Hard gradings apply. See Day walking and events for more details.

EASY: Easy walking, ample rests, mainly on tracks, with not too many ups and downs. Suitable for most people in good health. Walking time 4 to 5 hours, distance typically 10 to 15 km.

EASY – MEDIUM: Mostly E with minimal overlap with M.

MEDIUM: Walking of medium difficulty. Ample rests, moderate ups and downs, on tracks and/or off track in open or lightly forested areas. Suitable for people who are fitter or more experienced. Walking time 5 to 6 hours, distance 10 to 20 km.

MEDIUM – HARD: Mostly M with minimal overlap with H.

HARD: Hard consistent walking, steep or longer ups and downs, on tracks and/or off track in medium scrub, forest or alpine areas. Walking time 6 to 8 hours, distance 10 to 20+ km.

VERY HARD: Very hard consistent walking in difficult terrain, few rests, thick scrub, alpine or desert areas. Walking time 8 to 12 hours, distance 5 to 35+ km.

Note 1 – Elements of a walk such as river crossings or rock scrambling will also contribute to its grading.   Event summaries on the Walks Program should explain the reason for any harder gradings; if unsure whether a walk is suitable for your experience and ability, please discuss with the leader before booking.

Note 2- Walk gradings are based on the length and nature of the route, not what is needed to be carried.   Carrying a 15kg+ overnight pack is obviously more difficult than a day pack, for this reason a pack-carry will be harder than a day walk of the same grading.   For anyone considering a pack-carry, it is recommended they be capable of ‘medium’ day walks before trying an ‘easy’ overnight trip and ‘med-hard’ day walks for a ‘medium’ overnighter.