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Covid-19 Update 19 March, 2020

To maintain the health of all walkers and leaders during the Covid-19 pandemic we are instigating the following protocols with immediate effect.


Should you participate?

Leaders and car pooling drivers will be asking all walkers the following questions at the start of the walk/before getting in the car:

    1. Have you travelled overseas in the past 14 days, or have been in close contact with anyone who has travelled overseas?
    2. Are you or have you been in contact with a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19?
    3. Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms:
        • fever
        • flu-like symptoms such as coughing, sore throat and fatigue
        • shortness of breath?
    4. Are you in a high risk category, including being elderly or have a pre-existing medical condition?


If so, unfortunately you will not be able to participate in the walk and you should refer to the Victorian and Federal websites for advice as to whether you should seek medical attention immediately and/or self isolate until given the all clear.  See also community sports guidelines.


If you feel sick in any way,  please cancel. If you become unwell during the walk please notify your Leader immediately.

Leaders will also ask the group to confirm the night before, including themselves, that nobody meets any of the criteria that would prevent them from walking.


Maximum of 10 walkers, including Sunday walks

There will be a maximum of 10 people, including the leader on all walks – including Sunday walks.  At the leader’s discretion there may be less. The smaller size will help with social distancing and management of risk.


Sunday walks now booked – Sunday 22 March cancelled

For the time being, Sunday walks will now become booked walks, with a maximum of 10.
As we are not able to convert the Sunday walk on 22nd March, to a booked walk, it has been cancelled.


Accommodated and hut walks, public transport walks

Until further notice, accommodated walks, hut walks and public transport walks after Monday 23 March are suspended.  Walks involving use of own tents will proceed subject to leaders agreeing to continue and the other protocols outlined here.


Good hygiene

During the walk please practice good hygiene to minimise the risk of infection. Maintain a distance of 1.5 meters between yourself and your fellow walkers. Do not share food or water or shake hands. Use tissues and do not dispose of these in the bush. Cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow. Wash hands or use sanitiser after contact with petrol pumps etc.


Car pooling and public transport

We encourage you to think carefully before using public transport to get to the walk meeting points.


Carpooling will be subject to the leader’s discretion. To comply with social distancing recommendations there should be no more than 2 persons per car, unless walkers specifically organise/request to have more in the car.  Following the government’s advice regarding taxis and ubers, it’s recommended the passenger is in the back seat. Accordingly,  there is a higher likelihood that if you need transport to the start of the walk that we may not be able to provide it. If carpooling occurs all occupants should confirm the night before that they do not meet any of the criteria above that would prevent participation.


If you have your own transport and wish to go direct to the meeting point, please contact your Leader via the “enquiry” button on the website.


Before and After walk activities

Please consider carefully all before and after walk activities, such as coffee, cake, dinner etc and ensure you can comply with the social distancing and good hygiene recommendations.


Club nights

The April Club night has been cancelled.


Cancellation of walks at short notice

Walks maybe cancelled if Leaders no longer feel comfortable leading or the Committee considers the risks too high.  The number of participants will also be closely monitored.

We are continually monitoring the situation, and expert advice is changing rapidly, so please monitor the website and your emails the evening before, and morning of, your walk.  We may need to cancel events at short notice.


Safe and happy walking!

Kris Peach