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Southern Bogong High Plains – The Fainters (Easter Pack Carry)


NOTE: Please read the sections Should you Participate, Social Distancing and Good Hygiene and Transport before booking into this walk.


Trip Description

Walk Grade: Medium (M)
Total distance: 51 kms.
Total walking time: 19 hours.
Walking rate: 3.5 km/hour.
Climb rate: 300 m/hour.


The walk is mainly on 4 WD tracks except on Day 2 morning and Day 3 afternoon where scrub bashing off tracks is involved. Most of the mountain climbs are under 300 m. You will need to have experience with walks over two days and have good pack carrying fitness up to 6 hours walking time per day.


Water: North East Victoria has experienced a wet Summer so there should be plenty of drinking water on the Bogong High Plains. Water is available along the way and near the campsites. You will need a minimum water carrying capacity of approximately 2.5 litres. Water may need to be treated using filters, SteriPens, boiling or tablets.


Campfires: Campfires are not permitted in some parts of the Bogong High Plains. You will need to carry liquid fuel or gas stoves.


Weather warning: If temperatures over 320 C with very strong damaging winds are forecast in the walk area, the walk will be cancelled.


Special Equipment: A day pack (25 L capacity) would be useful on the side trips.

Type of country and weather conditions: Most of the walk is in an alpine environment and above 1600 m. Snow and cold nights can be expected any time during the year even at Easter so be prepared for these conditions. We are more likely to experience warm and sunny conditions so make sure you carry a sun hat and plenty of sun screen.

Costs:   Refer below to section on “Booking” (for booking fee) and “Transport” (for car-pooling costs).


Maps: Bogong Alpine Area, Outdoor Recreation Guide, 1: 50000

Bogong High Plains Forest Activities Map, Rooftops


Proposed Bushwalk:

Day1. Friday 2nd April.  Leave Melbourne early in the morning, about 6.00 am to arrive at the Pretty Valley Picnic Area to start the bushwalk at 1.00 pm. Allow a minimum of 6 hours to do the journey with appropriate stops on the way. Pretty Valley Picnic Area (Pretty Valley Pond) – Fainter Fire Track – Memorial Cairn – Tawonga Huts.  Camp: Tawonga Huts area. Climb Mt. Jaithmathang (Mt. Niggerhead) in the afternoon.

Distance: 8 km.  Walking time: 4.5 hours.


Day 2. Saturday 3rd April. Day walk. Tawonga Huts –Mt. Jaithmathang – Little Plain – Mt. Fainter South – Mt. Fainter North – Fainter Fire Track -Tawonga Huts .

Distance: 16 km.  Walking time: 5.5 hours.


Day 3. Sunday 4th April. Morning: Tawonga Huts – Pole 333 – Mt. Jim – Ryders Huts. Camp at Ryders Huts area, Afternoon:  Side trip to Mount Cope

Distance: 18 km.  Walking time: 6 hours.


Day 4. Monday 5th  April.  Ryders Huts – Cope Saddle Track – Pretty Valley Hut – Pretty Valley Picnic Area.  Side trip to Mt. McKay on the way out to Falls Creek.

Distance: 9 km.  Walking time: 3 hours.  Depart for Melbourne about 12.30 pm. Expected arrival time back in Melbourne, before 6.00 pm.


Summary of food requirements

Breakfast On track Lunch Dinner
02 – 04 – 21 Melbourne # Pretty Valley #
03 – 04 – 21 # # # #
04 – 04 – 21 # # # #
05 – 04 – 21 # # # Home
Totals 3 4 3 3

# Food required


Should you Participate?

We need to follow all state government guidelines regarding COVID-19, hence if you are required to be in quarantine or isolation, live in a restricted postcode (if and when designated by state government) or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms including the following, you should NOT be doing this walk:

  • Loss or change in sense of smell or taste
  • Fever
  • Chills or sweats
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose
  • In certain circumstances headache, muscle soreness, stuffy nose, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea may also be considered.

If you or anyone in your household feels sick in any way, please cancel. If you become unwell during the walk please notify your Leader immediately.

If you are in a high risk category, including being elderly or having a pre-existing medical condition, you should consider carefully whether you participate as the Club will accept no liability if you choose to participate.

Refer also to the Victoria state government Coronavirus page


Social Distancing and Good Hygiene

Before, during and after the walk, please practice social distancing and good hygiene to minimise the risk of infection:

• Carry a mask and wear it when required by the state government.

• Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and other walkers.
• Do not share food / water / equipment, or shake hands.
• Use tissues and do not dispose of these in the bush. Carry a plastic bag for disposing of tissues.
• Cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow.
• Wash hands or use sanitiser after contact with shared surfaces, e.g. gates, fences, benches, petrol pumps.

If you are not able to practice good hygiene your Leader will ask you to leave the walk.



Transport to and from the walk location is by car.

Please indicate your transport requirements and preferences on the booking request form when you book in.

If you don’t have a car, we can’t guarantee to provide you with a lift – this will depend on available drivers and their locations.

Drivers can choose whether they wish to take passengers or not. To maintain physical distancing, it is recommended you take no more than 1 passenger, unless you are taking family members or persons from your household.

For drivers who agree to accept a passenger, the Victorian State Government guidelines during Victoria’s CovidSafe Summer restrictions are:

You can have passengers in your car. Where possible:

  • your passenger should sit in the back seat in order to maintain physical distancing 
  • all passengers should wear a fitted face mask in the car unless you have a lawful exemption
  • increase ventilation in the vehicle by opening windows wherever possible. Avoid having air-conditioning on recirculate
  • high touch surfaces in the vehicle should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.


Passengers must pay the driver their share of car-pooling costs as described on the Car-pooling page. Please bring cash for this purpose.



Booking is  required for this walk.   The Leader will confirm your acceptance on the walk, or not, via email.  The leader will provide details of where and when to meet.
If you need to cancel, please advise the leader as soon as possible, so that someone else has the opportunity.

Booking Fee:
Members: free.     Non-members: $10.

To avoid handling cash, non-members are required to pre-pay their booking fee.
Unless there are exceptional circumstances (e.g. you need to cancel because you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms), there will be no refunds.
So please do not book unless you are fully committed to walking.
Payment by Paypal or card is the quickest method, but if you choose to pay by EFT please follow the instruction to email the Treasurer with your payment details.


What to bring

• Hand Sanitiser
• Face Mask
• Day pack (25L) for side trips
• All the gear, food and water you will need for the pack-carry (refer trip description above).

Refer to our Gear Checklist page, or discuss with your leader, for more details.   If you are not properly equipped, the walk leader can decide not to let you participate on this walk.


Still have questions?

Check out Joining a walk and your safety

Check out What happens on a walk.

Check out Weekend and extended walks.

Check out our Covid-19 status.

Contact the leader using the “Enquiry” button.

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