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Queen’s Birthday Weekend, Snowshoe Pack-carry


Trip Overview

Must-have some snow-camping and snow-shoe experience. Not suitable for beginners.

Here’s hoping for having a decent snow-cover on Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Weekend. However, given our very patchy record of snow, be prepared for having dry feet as well (in which case we may do some side-trips as well).

The plan– Drive to Bright and camp overnight on Friday 11th. Drive up to Mt. Loch carpark (snow-chain may be required) and start the walk at 9 am on Sat 12th.

Back at Mt. Loch carpark on Monday 14th.

Pre-payment required: To be adjusted dependent on car-pooling configuration.

Trip Fees:
Members:  $48 car-park fee + Booking fee (nil) = $48

Non-members: $48 car-park fee + Booking fee ($10) = $58

Itinerary and Walk Descriptions

Distance: App. 30 km (If you find this to be inaccurate, complain to Google Maps)

Day-1: Mt. Loch Carpark to Weston Hut (or Blair Hut) via Machinery Spur track. 12.3 km.

Day-2: Weston Hut (or Blair Hut) to Dibbins Hut via AWT/Weston Spur track. 9.8 km

Day-3: Dibbins Hut to Mt Loch Carpark via Swindlers Spur track. 8.7 km.


Should you Participate?

We need to follow all state government guidelines regarding COVID-19, hence if you are required to be in quarantine or isolation, live in a restricted postcode (if and when designated by state government) or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms including the following, you should NOT be doing this walk:

  • Fever
  • Chills or sweats
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Runny nose
  • Loss or change in sense of smell or taste
  • Some people may also experience headache, muscle soreness, stuffy nose, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

If you or anyone in your household feels sick in any way, please cancel. If you become unwell during the walk please notify your Leader immediately.

If you are in a high risk category, including being elderly or having a pre-existing medical condition, you should consider carefully whether you participate as the Club will accept no liability if you choose to participate.

Refer also to the Victoria state government Coronavirus page


Social Distancing and Good Hygiene

Before, during and after the walk, please practice social distancing and good hygiene to minimise the risk of infection:   Hygiene and physical distancing

• Carry a mask and wear it when required by the state government.

• Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and other walkers.
• Do not share food / water / equipment, or shake hands.
• Use tissues and do not dispose of these in the bush. Carry a plastic bag for disposing of tissues.
• Cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow.
• Wash hands or use hand sanitiser when required.

If you are not able to practice good hygiene your Leader will ask you to leave the walk.



Transport to and from the walk location is by car. Please indicate your transport requirements and preferences on the booking request form when you book in.

If you don’t have a car, we can’t guarantee to provide you with a lift – this will depend on available drivers and their locations.

Drivers can choose whether they wish to take passengers or not.

For drivers who agree to accept a passenger, the Victorian State Government guidelines during Victoria’s CovidSafe restrictions are:

You can have passengers in your car. Where possible:

  • your passenger should sit in the back seat in order to maintain physical distancing; 
  • all passengers should wear a fitted face mask in the car if not from your household;
  • increase ventilation in the vehicle by opening windows wherever possible and avoid having air-conditioning on recirculate;
  • clean and disinfect high touch surfaces in the vehicle regularly.


Passengers must pay the driver their share of car-pooling costs as described on the Car-pooling page. Please bring cash for this purpose.



Booking is  required for this walk.

For harder-graded walks, the leader has the right not to accept bookings from anyone they consider is not sufficiently fit or experienced to undertake it, so please provide as much relevant information as you can when booking. Unless the leader knows you well, please indicate what similar walks you have done recently (i.e. in the past few months) to give the leader confidence that you are capable of doing this walk.

For pack-carries, it is expected that anyone undertaking an overnight walk has at least the experience and equipment necessary to comfortably complete a “medium” graded day walk (refer also to What to Bring, below).

The Leader will confirm your acceptance on the walk, or not, via email.  The leader will provide details of where and when to meet.

Trip Fees:
Members:  $48 + Booking fee (nil) = $48.

Non-members: $48 + Booking fee ($10) = $58.

All trip fees must be prepaid to leader. Payment by PayID or bank transfer is the quickest method. The leader will contact you regarding payment.

If you need to cancel, please advise the leader as soon as possible, so that someone else has the opportunity.
If you have made your payment but need to cancel, we will only provide you with a refund if we can find a replacement for you. However, if you need to cancel because you are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, then we will provide you with a full refund (even if a replacement can’t be found).


What to Bring

• Hand Sanitiser
• Face Mask

• All the equipment, clothing, food and water you will need for the walks and overnight stays (refer Trip details above).

Refer to our Gear Checklist page for more details, or discuss with the leader.  If you are not properly equipped, the walk leader can decide not to let you participate on this walk.


Still have questions?

Check out Joining a walk and your safety

Check out What happens on a walk.

Check out Weekend and extended walks.

Check out our Covid-19 status.

Contact the leader using the “Enquiry” button.

Activity Date(s)


June 12, 2021 9:00 am


June 14, 2021 5:00 am







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