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Mount Nelse Area & Southern Bogong High Plains (Cup Weekend)


Distance: 60km

Walk Description

Maps: Bogong Alpine Area, Outdoor Recreation Guide, 1: 50000
Bogong High Plains Forest Activities Map, Rooftops

Walk Grade: Medium-Hard (M-H) Total distance: 60.5 km, Total walking time: 21.5 hours.   Walking rate: 3 km/hour,  Climb rate: 300 m/hour
Note: Side trips are not included in the distance and walking time calculations.

Water: North East Victoria has experienced an extended winter and wet Spring so there should be plenty of drinking water on the Bogong High Plains. Water is available along the way and near the campsites. You will need a minimum water carrying capacity of approximately 2.5 litres. Water may need to be treated using filters, SteriPens, boiling or tablets.

Campfires: Campfires are not permitted in some parts of the Bogong High Plains. You will need to carry liquid fuel or gas stoves.

Type of country and weather conditions: Most of the walk is in an alpine environment and above 1500 m. Snow can be expected any time during the year even on Cup Day so be prepared for these conditions. The middle Bogong High Plains have experienced huge snow dumps from the middle of August right through to September. You can expect to encounter large snow drifts on this walk even in November.

Proposed Bushwalk:
Day1. Saturday 2nd Nov.  Leave Melbourne early in the morning, about 6.00 am to arrive at the Rocky Valley Picnic Area (start of the Heathy Spur Track), to start the bushwalk at 12.30 pm. Allow a minimum of 6 hours to do the journey with appropriate stops on the way. Rocky Valley Picnic Area – Heathy Spur –  Big River Fire Track   Australian Alpine Walking Track (AAWT) –  Roper Hut . Camp: Roper Hut area. Distance: 11.5 km.  Walking time: 4.5 hours.

Day 2. Sunday 3rd Nov. Morning  Roper Hut – Timms Lookout  – Roper Hut. Distance: 8 km.  Walking time: 3 hours.
Afternoon. Roper Hut – Mount Nelse North – Mount Nelse – Johnston Hut – Hollands Knob – Marium  Kelly Track – Fitzgerald Hut.  Camp: Fitzgerald Hut area.
Distance: 10 km.  Walking time: 4 hours.

Day 3. Monday 4th Nov. Fitzgerald Hut – Langford East Aqueduct – Langfords Gap – Langford West  Aqueduct –  Wallace Hut – AAWT – Cope Hut – AAWT – side trip to Mount Cope – Cope Saddle Hut – Ryders Yards. Camp: Ryders Yards area.
Distance: 18 km.  Walking time: 6 hours.

Day 4. Tuesday 5th  Nov.  Ryders Yards – Cope Saddle Track – Pretty Valley Hut – Ruined Castle – Sun Valley – Rocky Valley Storage –  Rocky Valley Picnic Area.
Distance: 13 km.  Walking time: 4 hours.
Depart for Melbourne about 12.30 pm.
Expected arrival time back in Melbourne, before 6.00 pm.

Summary of food requirements

  Breakfast On track Lunch Dinner
02 – 11 – 19 Melbourne # Car park #
03 – 11 – 19 # # # #
04 – 11 – 19 # # # #
05 – 11 – 19 # # # Home
Totals 3 4 3 3

# Food required

Booking is  required for this walk.  The Leader will confirm your acceptance onto the walk via an email.  A few days before the walk, the leader will organise car-pooling and provide details of where and when to meet.

It is expected that anyone undertaking an overnight walk has at least the experience and equipment necessary to comfortably complete a “medium” graded day walk.   If you are new to overnight camping, please refer to our Gear Checklist page or discuss with the leader.   Some equipment (eg tents, stoves) can be borrowed or shared provided you advise the leader of this when booking.  For harder-graded walks, the leader has the right not to accept bookings from anyone they consider is not sufficiently fit or experienced to undertake it, so please provide as much relevant information as you can when booking.

Booking Fee:
Members: Free.  Non-members: $10.
Please pay the leader CASH at the start of the walk, NO credit cards.

Car Pooling Costs:
Passengers must pay the driver their share of car-pooling costs as described on the Car-pooling page. Please bring cash for this purpose.

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