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South of Thredbo (Easter) CANCELLED



Distance: 33km + optional side trip(s)

Walk Description

Walking through Elwyn Mitchell’s magnificent Silver Brumby Country … Dead Horse Gap, The Cascades, Jerusalem Hill, The Chimneys, historic Teddy’s Hut and the spectacular views from Drift Hill.      Alpine walking at its best.



Melbourne to Tallangatta by car.

Overnight at Lakelands Caravan Park, Queen Elizabeth Drive, Tallangatta.  Camp sites $10 per head.



Ready to move at 8.30am please.

Tallangatta to Khancoban to pick up the necessary National Park Passes, then on to the car park at the start of the Cascades Trail, about 400 metres past Dead Horse Gap.

Then packs on … Cascade Fire Trail up beside the Thredbo River, then up over the Great Divide and down Bobs Ridge to the Cascades and Cascade Hut

A fairly easy day.  Ten kilometers, all on track.  One climb of 200 metres.  One descent of 300 metres.



Climb generally East up the spur to Jerusalem Hill and lots of magic views.

Then head North-West over the high points 1827 and 1806 metres, before heading North-East down to the gap between Jacobs River and the Thredbo River, then East a little way up the ridge North of Sam’s Camp.

A harder day.  Nine kilometers, all off track, some of it through significant scrub, some of it on brumby tracks when they’re heading in the right direction.  Climbs of 300 and 100 metres respectively, and descents of 100 and 160 metres … plus a few other small ups and downs.



Continue east up the ridge to The Chimney’s, then on to Teddy’s Hut.

An easier day.  Seven kilometers, again all off track but more open, with lots of spectacular views.  One climb of 200 metres and one descent of 100 metres.

The side trip up Drift Hill is worth while too.  Its an extra climb of 180 metres, and an extra five kilometers return, and the first bit of it is through significant scrub.  But its mostly through open country following brumby tracks, and the views from the top are spectacular.



Heading generally South-West from Teddy’s Hut, then West, down the Thredbo River valley to the Casdade Trail and back on to The Alpine Way.

A short day.  Seven kilometres, mostly on foot pads through fairly open country.  No significant climbs or descents.


Equipment: The walk is in alpine country, and severe weather conditions / blizzards are a real possibility.  If you have any doubt about what this might mean, contact the leader urgently.


Food: You will need food to cover breakfast on Friday to lunch on Monday, although the plan is to be back at the cars by lunchtime on Monday.


Water: Water will be available relatively near each of the proposed camp sites, and at times en route.  However, you will need the capacity to carry sufficient water for a day … and I strongly suggest you use a sterilizing pen or tablets to sterilize drinking water.


Transport: Car pooling to be arranged by leader.


National Park Passes: A shared cost. $17 per vehicle per day.

Purchase on the way through at the Khancoban Visitors Center,

2 Scammel Street, Khancoban.



Booking is  required for this walk.  The Leader will confirm your acceptance onto the walk via an email.  A few days before the walk, the leader will organise car-pooling and provide details of where and when to meet.

It is expected that anyone undertaking an overnight walk has at least the experience and equipment necessary to comfortably complete a “medium” graded day walk.   If you are new to overnight camping, please refer to our Gear Checklist page or discuss with the leader.   Some equipment (eg tents, stoves) can be borrowed or shared provided you advise the leader of this when booking.  For harder-graded walks, the leader has the right not to accept bookings from anyone they consider is not sufficiently fit or experienced to undertake it, so please provide as much relevant information as you can when booking.

Costs and Booking Fee:

Costs as described above plus booking fee of $10 for non-members (no booking fee for members). Please pay the leader CASH at the start of the walk, NO credit cards.

Passengers must pay the driver their share of car-pooling costs as described on the Car-pooling page. Please bring cash for this purpose.


Still have questions?

Check out Joining a walk and your safety

Check out What happens on a walk.

Check out Weekend and extended walks.

Contact the leader using the “Enquiry” button.

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