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Wilsons Prom Light Station & South Point Pack Carry


Trip Overview

Wilsons Promontory is the southernmost tip of mainland Australia and it is known for really good hiking.



Level of fitness and experience required.

Not suitable for beginners.

You need to have all required equipment and clothing.

Fitness requirement- You need to be able to do 26 km of hiking on the first day that includes 12 km with full pack and 14 km with a day pack.



Campsites at Tidal River and Roaring Meg.


Itinerary and Walk Descriptions

Distance: 44 km approx. in 2 Days

Friday 16 December

Drive from Melbourne to Tidal River and meet in the late afternoon / early evening.

Camping at the Tidal River campsite.

Saturday 17 December

Pack up & drive to Telegraph Saddle car park

Hike from Telegraph Saddle Car Park to Roaring Meg Campsite (12km)

Set up the tents

Side hike to Wilsons Prom Light Station & back, carrying day pack only. (7 km each way; 14 km total)

Sunday 18 December

Side hike to South Point & back in the morning, carrying day pack only (3 km each way, 6 km total)

South Point is the southernmost point of the Australian mainland.

Hike from Roaring Meg to Telegraph Saddle Car Park ( 12 km).



Transport to and from the walk location is by car. Please indicate your transport requirements and preferences on the booking request form when you book in.

If you don’t have a car, we can’t guarantee to provide you with a lift – this will depend on available drivers and their locations.

Drivers can choose whether they wish to take passengers or not.

Passengers must pay the driver their share of car-pooling costs as described on the Car-pooling page. Please discuss the preferred method of payment with your driver.



Booking is required for this walk. Please indicate what similar walks you have done recently (i.e. in the past few months) to give the leader confidence that you are capable of doing this one. Refer to Walking Grades which, in conjunction with the walk description, will help you assess whether you have the required walking fitness and experience to do this walk.

The Leader will confirm your acceptance on the walk, or not, via email.  The leader will provide details of where and when to meet.

Trip Fees:
Members:  $20 + Booking fee (nil) = $20.

Non-members: $20 + Booking fee ($10) = $30.

All trip fees must be prepaid. Payment by Paypal or card is the quickest method, but if you choose to pay by EFT please follow the instruction to email the Treasurer with your payment details.

If you need to cancel, please advise the leader as soon as possible, so that someone else has the opportunity.
If you have made your payment but need to cancel, we will only provide you with a refund if we can find a replacement for you.


What to Bring

• All the equipment, clothing, food and water you will need for the walks and overnight stays (refer Trip details above).

Refer to our Gear Checklist page for more details, or discuss with the leader.  If you are not properly equipped, the walk leader can decide not to let you participate on this walk.


Emergency Club Contact

The emergency club contact for this walk is Ken.  The leader can provide you with the contact’s phone number, if you wish to pass this on to any friend/family member who may be concerned if you return late.


COVID-19 Requirements

We need to follow all state government requirements regarding COVID-19 as explained here:   Coronavirus Victoria: How we live

  • You should not be attending this walk if you are Covid-19 positive and/or are required to be in quarantine or isolation.
  • If you have any Covid-19 symptoms, you should get tested and follow the instructions in the Coronavirus Victoria website.
  • If you are a Household Contact (Close Contact) or a Social or Workplace Contact, you must follow the instructions in the Coronavirus Victoria website.

Check out our Covid-19 status.


Safety and Ambulance Insurance

We strongly recommend that you have Ambulance cover. For more details refer to: Joining a walk and your safety


Still have questions?

Check out What happens on a walk.

Check out Weekend and extended walks.

Contact the leader using the “Enquiry” button.

Activity Date(s)


December 16, 2022 7:00 pm


December 18, 2022 5:00 pm







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