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Do I need to be a YHA Or YHA Bushwalking Victoria member to go on a bushwalk?

No, see Joining a Walk – our walks are open to everybody.  If you are new to bushwalking, or only walk with us occasionally, you can choose to pay a small Fee per walk plus car-pooling costs.

YHA Bushwalking Victoria Club members only pay Car-pooling costs.

YHA Bushwalking Victoria Membership is separate to YHA Membership.  YHA Members through hostelling still need to join our Club in order to obtain the benefits of membership.

Use Membership Request  to join.


Do I need to do anything special to join my first bushwalk?

If you haven’t bushwalked at all, see our Quick Start Guide and you will soon be Joining a Walk.

If you’ve bushwalked before, but not with us, you probably have suitable equipment and a good idea of what to expect. We suggest you try a few Sunday walks first to see how you match up against our walk gradings. If you want to start with a harder walk or pack-carry, the leader will chat with you first to make sure you have the necessary experience and fitness for their trip.


I don’t have a car – will this be a problem?

No – refer to our Car-pooling information.


What is the Club’s average age group?

Other than the university-based clubs, our Club is the only Melbourne-based bushwalking club with walkers in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. The average age is 35-65.


Is there a maximum age limit?

There is no maximum age limit for our activities; if you are fit, agile and young-at-heart, then come along.


Is there a minimum age limit?

Our activities are designed for adults (those 18 years or over).   Children are only permitted at our events if:
• 16 or over,
• accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, and
• the Leader has expressly consented to their participation.


What should I bring on a walk?

See our Gear checklist or contact the Leader.


Can I bring my dog on a walk?

No. Apart from many of the areas we walk in prohibiting pets anyway, if we allowed one person to bring their dog, we’d have to allow anyone else who wanted to do the same, which would destroy the amenity of the group. So, no domestic animals on trips, seek out a dog-walking club instead.


Am I really after YHA Bushwalking Victoria (our Club) or YHA Australia instead?

We are a bushwalking (hiking) club, run by volunteers, not a commercial tour operator or travel agent. While many visitors from interstate or overseas participate in our activities, if your time in Melbourne is numbered in days rather than months, or if you are looking for details on travel and/or accommodation in Victoria or Australia in general, you should be contacting  YHA Australia. They can help you with YHA hostel accommodation, or arrange tours or outdoor activities in the most popular areas of Victoria.


Who do I contact if someone on a walk has not returned as expected?

Anyone walking with YHA should have provided their walk details to their emergency contact before starting the walk.  If they havent, please contact the President.