Walking Since 1939

What happens on a walk


  • Check you have ambulance cover.
  • Before starting the walk, the Leader will ask you to complete a sign-in sheet, acknowledging your risks in participating and that you are responsible for your actions and agree to our Privacy Statement.
  • You must provide an emergency contact number for someone who is NOT on the walk
  • Check you have the Leader’s phone number, particularly if you are a driver
  • The Leader will introduce themselves and everyone else on the walk, highlight the key aspects of the trip, collect Fees and organise car-pooling.



  • Follow the direction of the Leader at all times.  Remain with the group unless the Leader agrees you cannot complete the activity and it is safe for you to leave.
  • Let someone know (preferably the Leader or back-marker ‘whip’) if you need to stop for any reason.  Someone will wait until you are ready to move again.
  • Stop immediately you have a ‘hotspot’.  The Leader will help you treat a blister – the longer you leave it, the worse it will get.
  • Leave your pack by the track, or where the group has stopped, if you need to go for a “nature call”.
  • If you are ahead of the Leader, always wait at a track junction, irrespective of how obvious the right direction is.
  • If you lose sight of the person in front of you and aren’t sure of the route, call out or blow your whistle.  Stay where you are.
  • Follow our minimal impact guidelines.
  • Have fun!



  • Cake! Often there is time for afternoon tea before heading home.
  • It is important that our walks and activities run smoothly, are enjoyable and safe. If there is any aspect of an activity, including the behaviour of other members, or the Leader, that causes concern, please contact the Club President. All matters will be treated confidentially.