Walking Since 1939

Covid-19 status

as at 1 October 2023

Since November 2021, when we recommenced our walk program as the last lockdown came to an end, our walks program has been operating as normal.

However, we will continue to follow Covid-19 guidelines set by the Victorian government. If you are Covid-19 positive, have any Covid-19 symptoms or are a contact of someone with Covid-19, please follow the instructions in the Coronavirus Victoria website.


Booking and Prepayment

We will continue with the following changes we made to our operations at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020:

  • Walkers are required to book in to each walk they wish to join (including Sunday and Evening walks).
  • All walk fees must be prepaid to avoid Leaders having to handle cash.
  • Walkers no longer need to sign-in upon arrival to each walk. All walkers are required to accept the risks and our privacy policy when they book in online.


Change to Covid Refund Policy
During the pandemic, YHA Bushwalking provided refunds to walkers who needed to cancel a walk due to Covid.
However this cost the club considerable amounts of money, particularly for the more costly events, and was not sustainable for the longer term.  Australia and the rest of the world is adjusting to living with Covid-19.
For events where bookings open after 1st July 2022:
  • For events where the only fee is the booking fee (free for members, $7 or $10 for non-members), there will be no refunds.
  • For events with additional costs (e.g. accommodation booked by the club) we will only provide a refund if we can find a replacement for you, regardless of the reason for cancellation.


Membership Extension in 2021
To compensate for the periods in 2021 when the club was unable to runs its walk program due to Covid-19 lockdowns, anyone who was a member as at 6th August 2021 received a 6 month extension on their membership expiry date.