Walking Since 1939

Fees and car-pooling


Day walks

  • Non-members – $7 ;  Members – free.
  • car-pooling costs (see below)
  • If additional expenses (eg entrance fees or public transport) are necessary, these will be included in the walk description.
  • Fees are paid into the Club’s bank account as part of booking the walk, except for the car pooling costs.

Weekend and extended walks

  • Non-members – $10;  Members – free.
  • car-pooling costs (see below)
  • Additional costs apply for accommodated, base camps and other extended activities.  These costs must be paid into the Club’s bank account when registering for the walk and you will not be accepted until paid.

Social and non-bushwalking activities 

  • Club Nights are free
  • Evening walks:  Non-members – $4; Members – free.
  • costs for other social and non-bushwalking activities depend on the nature of the activity. Member discounts, if any, are specified in the walk program event listing.

Annual membership


Transport is mostly by private vehicle, with an occasional charter bus or public transport event.

Car pooling is available for all of our trips to minimise vehicles and environmental impact.  it is rare that there are insufficient vehicles to provide transport for everyone.

Drivers are reimbursed at $0.30 per km, plus any tolls incurred, divided by the total number of people in the car. Some drivers may choose to charge less, but it should not be more.  For example, a 200km return car trip for a driver plus three passengers,  maximum reimbursement is = $0.30 * 200km / 4 people = $15 per passenger.

Unless agreed between the driver and passengers, drivers return passengers to the same meeting place after the walk.

If you have a car we always need drivers.  To encourage Sunday car-pooling, Leaders issue drivers who take more than two independent passengers from the meeting point with a voucher.  Five vouchers in a calendar year provides free membership. Use Membership Request Notes section to record the vouchers.

For Sunday walks,  Leaders identify drivers and assign passengers at the designated meeting point.

For weekend or Saturday walks, Leaders may allocate passengers to drivers or request drivers and passengers arrange their own car-pooling.  Leaders provide contact details a few days beforehand to let drivers arrange their meeting times and places. Where possible, a driver is allocated passengers living nearby or along the route. If a driver and passenger(s) aren’t close by, passengers find their way to a convenient meeting point.

Club bank account details

Bank: Westpac

Name: YHA Bushwalkers

BSB: 032000

Account: 997249