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Australia Day Week Accommodated Trip: Falls Creek


Trip Overview

The High Country in Victoria is home of some of Australia’s most famous hiking, skiing, mountain biking and sight-seeing areas.

We will be walking some scenic trails around Falls Creek and Mt Beauty and enjoying the snow country in summer! We have arranged top notch accommodation, and Falls Creek is a gorgeous town!

Trip leader and hike leader is Craig. Trip organiser and second in command is Doug.

For a copy of our trip flyer with full details of the trip, please contact the leader using the “Enquiry” button (see below).



We have booked a ski lodge at Falls Creek. It has a fully-equipped kitchen, dining area, lounge/living area, recreation room and a number of bedrooms and bathrooms. We are expected to clean the lodge prior to departure.

You will be staying in share rooms with bunk beds. We will allocate people to rooms according to gender. We aim to have 2-3 people per room. You will need to bring your own linen – more details will be provided prior to the trip.



This is, ultimately, a hiking trip, and we intend to move at a reasonable clip. It’s not a stroll, a guided tour or a photography sojourn. Therefore, please be honest with yourself about your ability – you not only need to be able to complete the distances, but you need to be able to keep up. Having said that, the hikes are not a march or a race, and most people with good hiking fitness and experience will be OK. Three hikes are graded Medium-Hard; the other three are graded Medium.

You can have a rest day any day you like, except for the poor leader who will trudge on every day!


Saturday 20 January: Arrive in Falls Creek and check in to your accommodation.

Sunday 21 January: Mount Bogong

21 kilometres // 8 hours // Medium-Hard

Monday 22 January: Mount Wills Historic Area

10 kilometres // 3.5 hours // Medium

Tuesday 23 January: Langford’s Hut and Kelly’s Hut

18 kilometres // 5 hours // Medium

Wednesday 24 January: Rest day

Road trips, breweries, eateries and cycle trips in the area beckon. Please make your own enquiries/arrangements. Or just chill out!

Thursday 25 January: Craig’s Special Hike from Reading a Map!

23 kilometres // 8 hours // Medium-Hard

This will be epic. We will start from Roper Track Lookout, and take in Langfords Hut, Wallaces Hut, Cope Saddle Hut, Pretty Valley and Mount McKay if energy levels allow.

Friday 26 January (Australia Day): Mt Jaithmathang Summit and Tawonga Huts

13 kilometres // 4 hours // Medium

Saturday 27 January: Mt Nelse, Edmondson Hut and Johnstons Hut

19 kilometres // 7 hours // Medium-Hard

Sunday 28 January: Return home.

Time to clean our lodge and check out. We return home and 2024 is under way!


We aim to depart for each day’s hikes at 8.30 am at the latest. This will give us plenty of time in the afternoons to enjoy the surrounds and enjoy a drink or two with friends, old and new.

The lodge does have kitchen facilities, so you can self-cater if you wish. Plan to self-cater for breakfast and lunch; you will not be able to arrange these ‘as you go’.

We will organise a group dinner on at least one night. However, our experience is that people like to visit bars and restaurants fairly often on these trips!

We will not wait for latecomers. Therefore, if you aren’t ready to leave for the day’s walk at the specified departure time and place for that day, we will assume you are having a rest day, and will simply move on without you.


We are now offering the opportunity to join the trip for Part 1 only or Part 2 only as follows:

Part 1:
Saturday 20 January: Check in to our accommodation (ski lodge)
21-23 January: Join our hikes.
Wednesday 24 January: Check out of accommodation

Part 2:
Wednesday 24 January: Check in to our accommodation (ski lodge)
25-27 January: Join our hikes.
Sunday 28 January: Check out of accommodation



Transport to and from the walk location is by car. Please indicate your transport requirements and preferences on the booking request form when you book in.

If you don’t have a car, we can’t guarantee to provide you with a lift – this will depend on available drivers and their locations.

Passengers must pay the driver their share of car-pooling costs as described on the Car-pooling page. Please discuss the preferred method of payment with your driver.



Booking is  required for this trip.

This event is aimed at adults. Over 18s only please.

Please indicate what similar walks you have done recently (i.e. in the past few months) to give the leader confidence that you are capable of doing this one. Refer to Walking Grades which, in conjunction with the walk description, will help you assess whether you have the required walking fitness and experience to do this walk.

The Leader will confirm your acceptance on the trip, or not, via email.  The leader will provide details of where and when to meet.

By booking into this event you acknowledge that you agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Trip Price:
Whole Trip – Members:  $400 + Booking fee (nil) = $400.
Whole Trip – Non-members: $400 + Booking fee ($10) = $410.
Part 1 – Members:  $220 + Booking fee (nil) = $220.
Part 1 – Non-members: $220 + Booking fee ($10) = $230.
Part 2 – Members:  $220 + Booking fee (nil) = $220.
Part 2 – Non-members: $220 + Booking fee ($10) = $230.


Members and non-members are required to pre-pay the trip price for this event.
You can pay by Paypal. If you are not a Paypal member, you can still use Paypal to pay by credit or debit card.

If you need to cancel, please advise the leader as soon as possible, so that someone else has the opportunity.
We will only be able to provide a refund if we can find a replacement for you.


What to Bring

• All the equipment, clothing, food and water you will need for the walks and overnight stays (refer Trip details above).

• To help manage the Covid risk, the following may be useful: Hand Sanitiser, Face Mask(s), RAT test(s).

Refer to our Gear Checklist page for more details, or discuss with the leader.  If you are not properly equipped, the walk leader can decide not to let you participate on this walk.


COVID-19 Requirements

  • You should not be attending this event if you are Covid-19 positive and/or are required to be in quarantine or isolation.
  • If you have any Covid-19 symptoms or are a contact of someone with Covid-19, please follow the instructions in the Coronavirus Victoria website.


Safety and Ambulance Insurance

We strongly recommend that you have Ambulance cover. If conditions are hazardous, the walk may be cancelled. If any doubts at all, check your emails the night before and the morning of the event. For more details refer to: Joining a walk and your safety


Still have questions?

Check out What happens on a walk.

Check out Weekend and extended walks.

Contact the leader using the “Enquiry” button.

Activity Date(s)


January 20, 2024 6:00 pm


January 28, 2024 10:00 am







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